Why men pull away commitment

Published: 20th September 2012
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There are numerous times when a woman thinks that a relationship is going well only to be faced with the problem of her man pulling away from her emotionally or physically. Who is to blame? No one and jumping on the idea that it his fault or your fault will not get you any where.

Figure out what's really missing. Many women jump to the conclusion that a man that pulls away is having an affair, in most cases that's not true but he might be getting there if this situation ain't fixed.

Top 7 rationales explaining why men pull away

Sometimes man need time with friends and "man buddy's". Spending time together can be fund and it is a big fun, but sometimes staying apart is even better has it reignite the spark to be together. You might think its fun spending all that time with him but sometimes in can work against you and make him want some breeding space.

That is a basic idea why man drift away. Only hanging out with you can become sometimes boring for a man who needs is "male" companions to have stupid laughs and burp for no reason.

A little space is always healthy and as the saying goes absence makes the heart grow fonder.Running Away ? Or staying and fighting? For a relationship to work both parties have to work for it. Some of this ideas while kept in your mind will allow you reach a better understanding with your man.

If your man feels he don't know what to do or what is expected of him he will simple pull away. Usually your man will do this because he is afraid to mess things up as he feels all went so well so far.

Women share and speak with friend while man prefer to keep it for themselves and solve things themselves. Unlike women, men tend to compartmentalize.

Men retreat into themselves and keep their problems to themselves. Compartmentalizing is both emotionally as well as mentally consuming and is known to be the origin that explains why men pull away in a relationship.

Are you really together? Some women ten to decide that after one that he is theirs and theirs only.

This is the most common explanation as to why men pull away. The moment a woman begins to act the part of "girlfriend" the man pulls away as a way of showing the woman that he is not interested in being in a relationship and that he is not ready to commit to them.

Work! You slave! Many believe men included that its the man duty to make a living for the couple. This has put tremendous pressure on men to work as hard as they can in order to offer financial stability for their family or spouse.

This pressure has led to many men putting in more time at their workplace in order to advance their careers and tend to neglect putting in more effort in their relationships. This simple focus on work can make you feel has if he drifted apart .

He doesn't want to keep the relationship alive any more but don't want to hurt you so he decided he will make you end it. Whenever these kinds of men want to break up, they pull away from their partners in the hope that their partner will get tired of the behavior and break up with them instead.

Many women forget that when you got a man it is still important to take care of yourself. This is one of the simple mistakes women make that makes the man forget all about her.

Men like to see. In order to "keep the fire burning" it is imperative that the woman makes the effort of looking good for her man.

In conclusion, there are numerous explanations as to why men pull away from relationships.

Having an affair should not be your first fear when a man pull away . It may simply mean that he is feeling a lot of pressure or has a problem that he is trying to solve on his own and it is best to give him some time to do so.

However, it is important that you question his behavior if he continues to pull away for a prolonged period of time.

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